Team Support Earns More Grinder PTO Business

There is never a convenient time to experience your equipment breaking down and be out of commission. That is the case for this Wyoming customer when a failed main bearing in a competitor’s mechanical power take-off brought their grinder to a stop. Enduring the unscheduled downtime, frustration continued to mount when the ID plate was mislabeled indicating different clutch specifications than what was actually required.

mechanical pto application on grinderTIMCO and WPT’s Application Engineer had worked together with the customer in a previous installation with great success. When their second unit became inoperable, they were called to find out the most appropriate replacement needed. TIMCO reviewed the customer specifications and decided the best-suited product for this application would be a WTD-11-13F since one of its features included an increased sideload capacity. With some custom modifications, a high-quality, reliable WPT unit was more affordable and less complicated mechanically than the former competitor’s product.

In addition to offering great level of support, TIMCO is very diligent about keeping product in inventory. That translates to the customer having replacements promptly, minimizing downtime. Thanks to the expertise and quality realized in the previous joint grinder installation, this customer will select TIMCO and WPT first.