WPT Power improves production efficiency and consistency at a South East Asian Paper Mill

Update 12/08/2020

WPT Power and our local distribution partner, has implemented a solution of a WPT Power – Copper Water Cooled Brake (CWC) in place of a caliper disc brake in a controlled tensioning application. The OEM fitted caliper and disc wasn’t providing consistent tension to a large paper un-winding drive, due to the prolonged engagement time required, the caliper’s friction material was simply overheating and loosing torque resulting in inconsistent rolls which effected production and product quality. Collectively, WPT Power, our distributor and the mill worked over the drive details and loads , and determined that an air cooled unit, be it a caliper or a multi plate air cooled brake design wasn’t suitable in this instance.

Copper Water Cooled Brake on paper mill winder
Before photo of caliper disc brake on the mill’s winder operations.

WPT Power put forward the most effective and efficient solution, while working in with the existing shaft size and the available dimensional envelope to minimize any modifications. This solution being a WPT Power CWC brake, which was proudly built at our facility in Wichita Falls, Texas, USA and shipped over.  The WPT Power,  air tube actuated copper water cooled brake, provides precise engagement and torque control, while mediating the friction temperature with the constant flow of water through the brakes integral water jackets. This maintains a stable friction material temperature, which provides consistent performance for prolonged periods and a much increased service life, which is exactly what the paper mill wanted to achieve.

Copper Water Cooled Brake on winder
Tension control upgrade with WPT’s Copper Water Cooled Brake in winder application.

WPT Power also uses high grade copper plates to ensure maximum service life of the copper itself, and the opposing friction material. We also supplied a convenient rebuild kit to the client ensuring the brake can be serviced quickly and efficiently when the brake requires servicing in the future. The cost of this upgrade will be quickly offset (ROI) but the reduction in downtime and parts, material wastage and an overall more efficient production flow within weeks.    

WPT Power prides itself in providing solutions for existing equipment, replacement units and parts and custom OEM solutions, so if you have a similar challenge in your workplace, please don’t hesitate in contacting WPT Power or your factory representative. We’re here to provide you with the best water cooled brakes for your applications.