WPT Power provides the ideal solution, OTS + HPU for Australian Vac Truck contractor

WPT Power along with our distributor Northstar Power, worked with an Australian Vacuum Truck contractor to develop a fully automated, clutchable PTO (Power Take Off) system. With this custom PTO arrangement the operator can engage and disengage remotely, start the engine, and control the vacuum boom by means of a custom wireless remote.

PTO installed on vac truck

This application originally had a competitor’s mechanical PTO installed which required physical engagement on the trailer. To fully automate the system and to achieve a better service life and overall reliability, WPT Power offered our hydraulically actuated Pilotless™ Over-the-Shaft (OTS) PTO. In conjunction with the OTS, WPT Power also put forward a standalone hydraulic power unit (HPU). The HPU is available in 12V or 24V and encompasses its own hydraulic reservoir. It is factory set to suit each application, making it easy to integrate an OTS onto any diesel-powered equipment. The OTS PTO is self-adjusting and can be hydraulically or pneumatically engaged. These features make it an ideal upgrade to traditional mechanical units when remote start or an adjustment free capability is advantageous. In addition to these benefits, it is also a Pilotless™ design with WPT Power’s high capacity main bearings.

The bearings allow high side loads, making it ideal for belt driven or inline applications. No pilot bearing also gives the ultimate hassle-free installation, and no loads will be transferred into the flywheel or crankshaft.

The lack of a pilot bearing also eliminates a maintenance point that is present in traditional PTO designs. If you have a similar application or requirement, please don’t hesitate in contacting WPT Power or your factory representative.

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