Rotational gearboxes featured on Cleasby Conveyors

Located in Utah, Cleasby Conveyors manufactures a variety of construction roofing products. WPT provides rotation gearboxes to assist in the operation of their FBR and EXT-52 Conveyor. The job of these machines is to efficiently move roofing shingles from the loaded truck bed up onto the roof of the building by way of conveyor belt. The conveyor boom has a hydraulic motion aspect for up and down travel, but also can rotate in a 360-degree circular motion in order to reach specific areas of the rooftop. The rotation of the boom is controlled by WPT’s rotational gearbox.

WPT Power’s rotational gearboxes feature robust worm gear designs, with multiple input and output options. They are available in torque capacities ranging from 3,000 lbf-in up to 120,000 lbf-in.

WPT Power provides value to Cleasby’s supply chain through quick technical responses, competitive pricing, and reduced lead times.  At WPT Power, we pride ourselves in providing great products and service to help customers produce quality machinery.

Swing Drive on a boom.
Rotational gearbox on a truck boom.
Cleasby Conveyors feature WPT Power’s rotational gearboxes.

For more information about the Rotational Gearboxes, please visit the WPT Power website or call 940.761.1971.