Spotlight – WPT Low-drag Dyno Water Cooled Brake

WPT Power has done it again. We have taken a tried-and-true product and improved upon the design. Our recent addition to the WPT line-up is the Hydraulic Low-Drag Dyno Water Cooled Brake (WCB). This new brake configuration is specifically designed and engineered for dynamometer testing equipment. The new brake option features a multi-piston radial hydraulic actuator, a heavy-duty spring release mechanism, and a vertical mount design. In addition, the brake is available with our proprietary Full Marine Corrosion Protection (FMCP) package and metric or imperial mounting.

Dyno Water Cooled Brake
Hydraulic Low-Drag Dyno Water Cooled Brake.

In dynamometer applications torque control is the name of the game. Having the ability to make smooth transitions throughout the torque band is where the WPT WCB brake line really excels. The multi-piston radial hydraulic actuator provides flexibility in the control system for the dyno. The eight piston and cylinder assemblies can be plumbed in different configurations to provide the precise control needed. As few as two pistons can be actuated to provide low end toque and for maximum torque conditions, all eight can be utilized. This type of innovation and flexibility is only available from WPT Power.

flexible multi-piston hydraulic actuator
Highlighted is the flexible multi-piston hydraulic actuator.

The low-end torque and freewheel conditions in a dynamometer can be a sticky situation for water brakes. In all brakes, there is a certain amount of residual torque even when the brake is disengaged. This is due to minor and momentary contact between the sliding surfaces in the brake. To combat this, release springs or separators are used to help keep the sliding surfaces apart. The new Low Drag Dyno WCB option includes a heavy-duty spring release mechanism that takes the drag to nearly zero. This allows the brake to freewheel with almost no imposing load and provide precise low-end torque transitions.

When a standard water-cooled brake is mounted in a vertical shaft orientation the weight of the assembly alone can cause some minor drag in the brake. The WPT Water Cooled Brake vertical mount option adds a staggered, balanced release spring configuration to the assembly to help reduce drag. This feature, combined with the HD spring release mechanism, make the WPT Low Drag Dyno Water Cooled Brake perfect for vertically mounted equipment such as top drive dynamometers.

So whether you are looking to build a new water brake dyno or replace the brake in your existing setup, the WPT Hydraulic Low-Drag Dyno Water Cooled Brake is going to provide the type of design you need.

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