Pack Your Bags, We’re on the Power Train!

WPT Power is no stranger to the agricultural world, and our association with original equipment manufacturers in the bagging industry is a prime example. When a bagger manufacturer came to us requiring a 15” automotive-style power take-off, WPT had just the design for their application.

Bagger with Automotive Style Power Take-off
Silage bagging machine with WPT’s Automotive Style PTO.

In a silage bagger application, the automotive-style clutch is used to transfer power from the diesel engine to the hydraulically driven system that consists of a conveyor and a series of augers. Through a series of belts and pulleys, each of these components is powered by way of a hydraulic pump.  As chopped feedstock is deposited onto the conveyor, it is passed through the auger system that separates and packs it into an airtight plastic tube. The feedstock is then left to ferment in the tube and go through a chemical process that preserves nutrients cuts down on waste. Throughout this process, the WPT automotive style PTO serves as a critical link providing the power needed to get the job done.

Bagger with Power Take-off
WPT’s Mechanical PTO’s provide efficient and consistent performance in processing feed.

WPT PTOs can be found on a host of agricultural applications ranging from irrigation power units, hay balers, pumps, hay grinders, to manure managements systems and grain conveyors. If your company needs a dependable, mechanical, pneumatic or hydraulically actuated PTO, let WPT provide a solution for your application. Call us for a quote today!