The Yarder, Forestry’s Heavy Hitter Needs Heavy Hitting Clutches and Brakes

Clutches and Brakes for Yarder winch sets
WPT clutches and brakes allow the yarder’s winch sets to do their job.

WPT Power is synonymous for robust clutch and brake components across many industries as an OEM and in the aftermarket, and the global alpine logging market isn’t any different. WPT Power produces complete clutch and brake units and internal componentry for Yarder (also known as a Hauler) cable applications. WPT Power is the only manufacturer who produces the four most common industrial clutch and brake designs as used on these demanding machines. WPT Power manufactures two different Water Cooled Brakes, plus the High Torque and PO clutches for an array of machinery. 

power grip po clutch, low inertia high torque clutch, and water cooled brake

Reliability and control is key for uninterrupted hauling, an example of WPT’s focus on providing the best possible performance, is the air tube or piston actuation options for the Water Cooled Brakes (WCB’s). Existing WCB’s running a piston design can be converted to run an airtube giving more precise torque control, easier field maintenance and a longer service life. So next time your piston controlled WCB needs some attention please ask about our conversion kits.

All our clutch and brake components are interchangeable with competitor designs, so if you are just after some parts, a rebuild kit or a complete replacement, WPT Power and their network of Distributors have you covered. The WPT recipe for success is Support, Design, Quality, Availability and Cost. “Our products are responsive and so are our people”, these are all the key factors to any business.

For further details, technical support or for pricing, please make contact with your nearest WPT Power distributor or factory representative.