Demanding Jobs Demand Solutions. Meet WPT’s New 318 Type 2 Power Take-off.

Type 2 Power Take-off
Heavy duty side load applications need WPT’s Type 2 Hydraulic PTO.

Rock Crushers, Wood Chippers/Grinders, Cold Planers, and other large inertia loads have met their match. WPT’s Type 2, 318 Power Take-off is ideal for your high side load applications. The advantages of this self-adjusting clutch are: premium spherical roller bearings, heavy-duty gear tooth friction discs, and pneumatic or hydraulic actuation. This translates into an impressive show of durability and reliability. WPT’s Type 2 PTO has no pilot bearing, eliminating fitment mishaps and minimizing PTO maintenance tasks.

Give your operations an additional value with remote engagement using WPT’s PythonTM Hydraulic Clutch Control (HCC). Putting an end to operator-related engagement abuse, it is the perfect tool for smooth optimization on any machine with engine struggles during startup. The Python HCC mated with 318 Hydraulic PTO accelerates the most demanding loads, efficiently getting the job done!

WPT’s Power’s Hydraulic Power Unit (HPU) is the ideal self-contained component to operate machines not equipped with hydraulic power source. Available in 12 or 24 VDC, the WPT HPU is designed to simplify installation and minimize maintenance.

WPT knows that less downtime equals more profit, and our power take-offs are designed with that fact in mind.  For more information on the WPT’s Type 2 Hydraulic Power Take-off or for more information on any of the features listed above, please visit or call 940.761.1971.