Hydraulic Power Take Off That “Pounds the Pavement”

WPT Hydraulic PTO
WPT’s Hydraulic PTO transmits power for asphalt reclamation & recycling.

At WPT, we never know what type of undertaking will be coming through the door next. Such was the case when a manufacturer of Portable Asphalt Milling machines presented us with a unique set of application challenges. Their primary markets are contractors, municipalities and Department of Transportations (DOTs) that need utility trenching and road maintenance equipment. Chief among their challenges was the need for a tough, Hydraulic Power Take Off to take on pothole and asphalt patching, road resurfacing, and full depth reclamation required on this application. By working with the manufacturer’s engineering group, our applications team calculated the extreme side load and duty cycle requirements needed. These milling machines are designed to operate in a compact package and the PTO needs to deliver in this footprint and be able to transmit heavy-duty power and torque.

Our innovative and reliable PTO delivered unmatched side load advantages over our competitors. Enter the custom-made Type 2 PTO, W11-CG-206, that has an ultra-high side load and is hydraulically actuated. WPT Power introduced a product that satisfied the application as well as demonstrated a willingness and capability to provide customized or modified existing designs to meet the needs of OEMs.

If you are an OEM and anticipating a new design that requires a PTO style clutch, or if you’re looking to change or improve upon your existing design, give the team at WPT a call. We are ready to work on solutions for your most challenging PTO applications. Give us a call today at (940) 761-1971, or email us at info@wptpower.com