WPT Power Take-offs For Barge Pumps

Of the many marine applications that WPT has been specified for over the years, one has seen an increase in popularity recently. The application we are speaking of is in the barge pump market. Throughout the North and South American Inland River systems, tank barges move liquid products to and from processing plants, refineries and bulk stations. Millions of gallons of petroleum products, chemicals, and ballast water are pumped on and off these barges every day. As one might imagine, it takes rugged equipment to hold up to the harsh marine environment and long operating hours. WPT’s line of Mechanical, Pilotless™ Mechanical, and Pilotless™ Over-the-Shaft hydraulically actuated Power Take-offs (PTOs) are the brand of choice for many of these barge pump applications.

Power Take-offs on barge pump
Over-the-Shaft (OTS) Power Take-off on barge pump engine.

The barge pump set up consists of a diesel engine that shaft drives a 90-degree wellhead. The critical link located between the engine and shaft is the PTO clutch. The clutch allows for power to be transferred from the engine, through the shaft and then on to the wellhead. The engine is usually cranked and allowed to warm up prior to engagement. The PTO clutch is then engaged and the engine is brought up to operating speed. The duration of the pumping process can last up to ten hours making maintenance an ongoing priority.

With a variety of Power Take-offs to choose from, WPT has the right clutch for all barge pump applications. For light duty, standard pumping applications like ballast water, the SP-style PTO does a great job. Built to meet or exceed industry standards, these models are part for part, direct replacements for the Twin Disc product. For some of the heavier, more demanding applications such as pumping asphalt or ammonia, the Pilotless™ Mechanical offers greater ease of maintenance, lack of a pilot bearing failure point and sealed for life collar bearing. Lastly, the Pilotless™ Over-the-Shaft hydraulically actuated PTO offers remote actuation, ease of maintenance, and is self-adjusting.

As you can see, WPT is the only PTO manufacturer who can offer such a variety of choices for your liquid barge fleet. For a comprehensive application review and pricing, give us a call at (940) 761-1971 or visit our website and register to obtain product information and drawings.