Manure Pond Agitator, Providing the Right Mix

Power Take-Off for Lagoon Crawler

The Ag Sector is becoming more unique than ever. Dairy farmers and ranchers are constantly looking for new, creative ideas to operate their farm at peak efficiency. In the agriculture industry, you will often hear the term “manure lagoon,” which is a process designed to store and to keep well agitated, thousands of gallons of animal waste for long periods of time until it can be reused to fertilize crops. Equipment such as the Lagoon Crawler creates a new approach to how these ponds are managed. A remote-controlled boat equipped with wheels, drops itself into the lagoon and maneuvers around a pond stirring up the slurry manure. Powered by a 600HP engine and 12,000GPM pump, the WPT Power Pump Drive (PPD), and WPT Pilotless™ Over-the-Shaft PTO provide an effective solution for keeping pumps at their maximum capacity for multiple hours. 

Mounted between the PTO and engine, the WPT Power Pump Drive provides multiple live or clutched pumps that can be arranged based on application data or design preference. The self-contained PPD is perfect for the lagoon environment, as it requires very little need for operator maintenance. 

Manure Agitator Pumps can also be designed around the WPT Hydraulic Power Unit™ (HPU). Paired the WPT Pilotless™ Over-the-Shaft, the HPU will provide the user with remote engagement of the pumps and increased operating time. Doubling with the WPT Pilotless™ OTS, users will have the advantage of a self-adjusting clutch pack, and fully contained gear system which will eliminate slipping. 

Better operations, better liquid nutrients, better crop yields is why the PPD/PTO and PTO/HPU combinations can be trusted with next level performance and reliability. To successfully operate in the lagoon environment, it is important to rely on a durable, powerful, and efficient pumping system. The WPT Power Pump Drive, paired with the unique benefits of the Lagoon Crawler, provides farmers the peace of mind that the job is getting done with the upmost dependability. 

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