Mud Motor Dynamometers

water cooled brake on mud dynamometer
WPT Water Cooled Brake providing resistance mud motor dynamometer.

Have you ever read the specifications for a piece of equipment and wondered how the manufacturer arrives at a given rating such as torque, speed or horsepower? We all know that there are mathematical equations that can be used to calculate these factors, but how do they go about putting the piece of equipment into real-world scenarios that confirm these ratings? One way of obtaining confirmation of the machine’s performance is by testing it under load with the use of a dynamometer.

A dynamometer is a device used to measure the torque and speed of an engine, motor, or any other prime mover so that its instantaneous power can be calculated and displayed and translated into kW or Brake Horsepower. For the dynamometer to calculate these factors under load, some form of resistance is needed. In most cases, that resistance is provided by a brake.

WPT has been providing Brakes to the Dynamometer industry for decades. Our Water Cooled Brakes have become an industry standard among the Mud Motor Dynamometer manufacturers. Mud Motors, or Drilling Motors as they are often called, are progressive cavity positive displacement pumps that are part of the drill string. These motors are powered by pressurized drilling fluid, also know as “mud”, and they create eccentric motion which is transferred the bit. This energy created by this motion spins the bit and aids in drilling.

Water Cooled Brake on Dyno
Closer look at a Water Cooled Brake on mud motor.

To simulate the conditions that the Mud Motor will experience downhole, a dynamometer must provide extreme pressures in the form of resistance. This resistance is typically provided by a water cooled brake.  The byproduct of this operation is extreme heat. WPT’s water cooled brakes play an integral role in dissipating and removing this heat. Our copper lined water jackets are designed to maximize flow and provide superior heat dissipation. Coupled with a properly sized reservoir, a WPT water cooled brake can keep a Mud Motor Dynamometer operating properly and efficiently without fear of overheating.

If you plan to build a Dynamometer and you need a brake to provide resistance, contact your nearest WPT representative. We can provide the engineering assistance and products needed to get your dynamometer up and running. WPT manufactures several sizes and models of brakes and we are sure to have one to fit your application. Contact us today for an application review. We can be reached at or (940) 761-1971.