Mixing It Up

Rotation worm gear swing drive on cement truck
Worm Rotation Gearbox used to control discharge chute.

While they have been around for four decades, front-discharge concrete mixers are still a relatively new design when compared to their rear-discharge counterparts.  As their names suggests, front-discharge units are set up to release concrete from the cab end of the truck.  This provides some significant safety and financial advantages over rear-discharge trucks.

First, concrete is discharged from the cab end of the truck, allowing the driver/operator to keep eyes facing the jobsite and eliminating the safety hazard of backing through a construction zone.  The second unique feature of these front-discharge mixers, in which WPT Power plays a key role, is the operator’s ability to control the discharge chute from the cab of the truck.  This automation and movement of the chute is provided by WPT’s Worm Rotation Gearbox, or Swing Drive for short.  WPT’s Swing Drive is integrated into a chain and sprocket system that provides rotation capability for the discharge chute.  Since the chute is forward facing, the operator can easily maneuver its location to ensure concrete is discharged where needed.  By giving the operator the ability to control the rotation of the discharge chute, it eliminates the need for additional personnel to control this function, hence cost savings.

WPT Power is now the brand of choice for many of America’s top producers of front-discharge concrete mixers.  Working hand in hand with the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer), WPT can customize our Swing Drive designs to fit specific application requirements.  If you have an application that requires a custom Worm Rotation Gearbox or want to experience WPT’s OEM support, contact a WPT Sales Representative at (940) 761-1971 or info@wptpower.com.