Why WPT Power? Here’s why!

In the market place, we hear far too often customers complaining about slow uncooperative responses, excessive lead times, and intentionally withholding information. Nothing ever seeming to change when it comes to dealing with our major competitors.

Here at WPT Power we try and do the exact opposite! We pride ourselves with fast informative responses, making parts or assemblies available when you need them, and we are always listening for ideas to make your life easier. WPT Power understands the modern day demands on industries and how valuable it is to get help and information when you need it. We are always looking for ways to improve the customer experience.

Customer Service

All WPT staff, regardless of their role, takes a “customer comes first” attitude. Stocking is a good case in point of how we try and keep on hand what you need. Another example is working with our customers on planning ahead to ensure lead times are always kept to a minimum. As a manufacturer we may not always have everything all the time, but we strive to understand what you need, and take a proactive approach to get it into production. WPT also has a strong, well stocked Distributor Network ready to service your needs.

WPT’s activity in the marketplace, conversations over the phone, and through our distributors is the best way of understanding of what we need to put in place to add value to your business. Here at WPT Power we are always listening, regardless if it’s cataloged product or an OEM special, we can make it happen and we are here to ensure there is no red tape. Our recipe for success is not just providing the world’s industrial markets with high quality products and engineered solutions, it’s imperative that we ensure we deliver a matching level of service too! With our wide range of interchangeable product lines, specialty solutions and experienced staff, you may wished you transition to WPT Power years ago.

Experience the “customer comes first”  attitude. Contact us today @ (940) 761-1971, or online at info@wptpower.com