​Marine Cable Tensioning Brake

Tensioning Brake
Custom-engineered Low Inertia Brakes for shipyard spooling reel applications.

We were contacted by our distributor, Applied Power Solutions (APS), with a request for custom marine cable tensioning brake. The WPT team went into action to deliver a quality product with a great lead time. 

The customer was building a pair of custom spooling reels that would be used for mooring lines in a shipping yard. They were in search of a pneumatic brake. One that could apply enough tension to the large spools to keep the line off the ground while being unspooled. This is when they contacted APS to assist with the drive design. 

Throughout the design process, WPT worked closely with both our distributor and the end customer. Many discussions were had on requirements and performance expectations. In the end, the WPT Sales Engineering team selected a customized WPT Low Inertia Brake model 314. 

This tensioning brake was going to be operating in a marine environment. Therefore, we had to use our special Full Marine Corrosion Protection (FMCP) package. The FMCP package uses a three-part epoxy paint process and stainless-steel hardware. This allows the brake to operate at peak performance, even in rough locations. 

In addition, there was a constraint on delivery time. Long lead times from other brake manufactures meant they would be down to the wire. Luckily, WPT Power designs and builds assemblies right here in state of Texas. That meant in just over a month, we were able to deliver a custom-engineered brake.  

So, whether you are looking for a custom-design or an off-the-shelf unit, you can count on WPT. Above all, we strive to deliver helpful customer service, engineering expertise, and quality products. 

For more information on the WPT Low Inertia Brake, Full Marine Corrosion Protection Package, or any of our other fine products, please contact us today @ (940) 761-1971, or online at www.info@wptpower.com