Power Take-Offs Help Take The Heat On Natural Gas Coolers

Natural Gas PTO

Natural gas coolers are a crucial piece of equipment that helps drive the fast-paced oil and gas industry. If you are involved with the oil and gas sector, you understand the importance of having a reliable heat exchanging feature to efficiently move fuel from point A, to point B. Natural gas coolers work by cooling down heated fuel and returning the fuel back to flow at a reduced temperature. Air from the cooler is blown over a series of tubes to keep the gas at a desired temperature until the production process is completed. 

Often powered by a natural gas or diesel engine, natural gas coolers are most durable when they are driven by a Power Take-Off (PTO) clutch. To get the maximum power out of the engine, natural gas coolers are often designed with a belt drive paired with a PTO to drive the cooler at max capacity.

The WPT Pilotless™ PTO has been the number one choice for natural gas cooler OEM’s looking for a setup to endure the grueling oilfield environment. The WPT Pilotless™ PTO has been engineered without a pilot bearing. The unique design eliminates pilot bearing failures completely and saves time during assembly. The maintenance-free sliding sleeve assembly removes a wear and maintenance point, which saves time out in the field. Equipped with a dual-spherical roller main bearing design, the Pilotless™ sideload capacity increases by over 60%, which is ideal for any belt driven application. 

The last thing customers want to worry about is daunting clutch repairs out in the field. To ensure you are getting the most superior setup on the market, contact a WPT Sales Representative at 940.761.1971 or info@wptpower.com.