LI Brakes in Tensioning Applications

Low Inertia Brake

WPT has a long-standing tenure in the steel and metal forming industries. One of the more common applications where our brakes are used is coiling and uncoiling. Whether it be coiling steel as it comes out of a roller press at the mill or uncoiling it on a slitter machine in preparation to be formed into a finished product, WPT brakes help to provide the needed tension to keep the steel tightly wound and manageable.

WPT offers multiple options for this type of application and assists OEMs in choosing the brake best suited for their design. Typically, if the application is cyclical, the Low Inertia Brake is chosen for its superior heat dissipation qualities and decreased internal mass. It is these same heat removal abilities that make them prime candidates for tensioning applications.  The standard operation for brakes in this application is spring applied and air released, and they serve to slip rather that to stop and hold.

The ventilated housing on the Low Inertia Brake provides superior airflow for the most demanding tensioning processes. In addition to the special housing design, the use of ventilated plates, drive rings and optional cooling fans help to remove heat efficiently. While the Air-Cooled version is common in tensioning applications, a Water-Cooled version is available where extreme heat dissipation is needed. These brakes remove heat by circulating water through copper or steel lined water jackets and provide the highest heat removal abilities of any braking system used for tensioning.

If your company produces or utilizes coiling or uncoiling equipment and you need brakes for tensioning, please give the team at WPT a call. We have over 100 combined years of experience selecting and applying clutches and brakes for the steel and metal forming industries. Contact us today for a comprehensive application review. You can reach us by phone at (940)761-1971, or email at