Deforming the Industry

Ordinance Deformer PTO

Back in 1955, the United States Military established the Ammunition Peculiar Equipment Program (APE) to safely dispose of used military weapons and ammo. The goal of the program is to safely demilitarize ammunition components to be recycled back into production. With that in mind, the U.S. Department of Defense mandated that they will not accept spent cartridges that have not been deformed by the APE. In order to deform used ammunition efficiently, APE supplies the U.S. Military with metal recycling equipment that quickly returns used ammo back into production.

A crucial piece of equipment used by the APE, is the Mobile Diesel Ordinance Deformer. This machine is capable of deforming high volumes of spent cartridges in sizes varying up to and including .50 Caliber rounds. The deformer contains hardened steel blocks that are attached to a high-speed drum grinder.

Deformer PTO
Chute side of the Mobile Diesel Ordinance Deformer and the end result on casings.

Internal impact hammers strike the metal casings as they pass through the deformer, resulting in a complete deformation of the cartridge. The ordinance deformer, powered by an 80hp Diesel engine, needs an effective way to transmit power to the deformer chamber.

Transmitting results

The WPT Power Take-Off clutch (PTO) is the perfect solution to power a machine in this setup. Paired with the engine, the WPT PTO powers the deformer chamber at its highest capacity. Treating over 1,200 tons of ammunition a year, there is no room for error in this unique design. Trusted in the military environment, WPT’s PTO is the most reliable option for manufacturers looking to engineer their machines to peak efficiency. 

Application that requires high sideload or high inertia startups? WPT has an option available to meet your specific needs. Available in Pilotless™, Hydraulic, or Pneumatic, the WPT line of PTO’s allows manufacturers more freedom to design their applications to meet customer specifications. Whether you are in the design process, or looking to modify your current setup, the WPT Team is here to help! For more information, please call: (940)761-1971 or e-mail WPT Power today at: