Here’s Another Reason Why WPT, Spare Parts!

Replacement Parts

The global clutch and brake scene sees manufactures who tend to specialize or focus on a narrow band of products. This is one area where WPT Power differs which is their commitment to a vast array of product lines. These products are all commonly used in many industries and applications across the world. This makes part availability of WPT Powers products much more accessible and cost effective. Not only does WPT Power design and manufacture their own market-leading range, but they also developed ways of improving their assemblies and parts. For instance, making them completely interchangeable with most competitor products.

Whether it’s a Low Inertia Clutch or Brake at a Steel Mill, Water Cooled Brake on a Drilling Rig, Power Grip Clutch on a Grinding Mill, a PTO on a Diesel Powered Irrigation Pump or Rock Crusher, WPT has you covered with replacement assemblies and in most cases compatible parts for non WPT units.  

WPT Power prides themselves on being responsive. For example, their their Customer Service and Engineering Departments helps you to improve productivity in both technical and commercial aspects. This is done by continuously looking at ways to add value to your business. Since WPT’s inception in the early 1990’s, improvements are always evolving. Offering a longer service life, simple maintenance or easier assembly, or a combination of all three. The market is increasingly calling for Genuine WPT Power to be used. Learn more about what WPT Power parts are compatible with your existing equipment, or to find out how WPT can help improve your business please contact your factory representative or call 940-761-1971.