What’s up with all the Certifications?

quality standard

You may have read about our certifications or seen them displayed in the Wichita Falls office and thought, why are they making a big deal out of those? Nicely framed random numbers and letters on a piece of paper without any idea of what they really mean. Yet these recognitions are important for customers to understand because they relate to a company’s supply chain, management process, and products. Let’s talk about a few of them and what they will mean to you.

What is ISO 9001?

It’s a quality standards and best practices certification.Its mission is to provide validation of a manufacturer’s quality management standards from their production process to customer relations. Manufacturers will have documentation of their quality policy, objectives, requirements, and so on and prove how those procedures are maintained appropriately. They will provide evidence of its commitment to developing and improving their quality management systems. Always with a strong emphasis on customer satisfaction as the end goal.

Even though the specific ISO 9001:2015 requirements are lengthy and demanding, the commitment of management, staff and its suppliers ensures the quality policy is met. When the prerequisites are achieved, ISO 9001 is awarded to the manufacturing company that has a superior quality management system. By meeting the requirements of the ISO 9001:2015 certification, WPT demonstrates that their customers get consistent, high-quality products and services.

What about other value-added certifications?

Globally, WPT Power is in very competitive markets and has to provide quality and reliability in their products. WPT was not the first or the largest in these markets so, we have to try harder! These next three level-up that commitment. They are, DNV and ABS Type Approvals along with ATEX Certification, which has roots in the European Union (EU) but benefits those outside of it. The DNV and ABS Type Approval process provides design verification and manufacturing assessment that confirms product(s) meet applicable industry standards and class requirements. ABS’s emphasis is in units and components on offshore and other marine applications. ATEX is the EU regulatory framework for the manufacture, installation, and use of products in hazardous environments. It’s about safety for workers employed in these environments.

Why do certifications matter to me?

Fulfilling the above requirements is essential for good business. Even so, to demonstrate your ability to meet each of these qualifications and obtain these certifications provides a legitimate proof of WPT Power’s competencies and expertise.

Does having all these certifications make WPT the end-all-be-all of manufacturing? No. However, as a customer it is a great way to confirm confidence that we will meet and exceed your expectations. Knowing WPT upholds processes to ensure consistent, predictable, high-quality products and services right from the start can save you many headaches down the road.

We are here and ready to assist you with an application review and consultation. You can reach us by email at info@wptpower.com or by phone at (940) 761-1971. Call us today!