Grapple Winch adds Versatility

grappling winch

There are many options available when it comes to attachments for skid steers. One of the more popular attachments is the grapple. As it happens, WPT Power provides a grapple winch that make these already versatile tools even better. 

A grapple is a hydro-mechanical claw that is typically mounted on the end of a boom, loader, or skid steer. The grapple attachment is an important tool used by the tree care and forestry industry, municipalities, public works, and the waste collection industry. These tools are useful for transferring oversizedbrush, timber, or refuse from a job site.  

When the grapple is paired with a winch or hoist, the utility of the attachment increases exponentially. The remote-operated winch allows you to remove trees and debris from an area without the need to get your machine up close. It also makes working on steep inclines or embankments much easier as you can pull the material to your location. 

WPT Power designs and builds a line of winches and hoists that are uniquely suited for original equipment manufacturers. The winch shown on the grapple is a 12,000 lbf hydraulic hoist. This hoist is an efficient two-stage hydraulic planetary design featuring a multi-disc, spring-set brake. The grapple winch also features a compact design and optional manual override.

So, if you are an OEM looking for a winch, hoist, or rotation gearbox, please visit, email us at, or give as a call at 940.761.1971.