OTS for Runway Rubber Removal Applications

OTS PTO Blasters

WPT products find themselves in some of the world’s most unique applications. One such application is in an ultra-high-pressure washer used for rubber removal and striping from runways at airports. The problem develops when aircraft tire marks accumulate and begins to reduce the friction needed for safe landings. Besides severely delaying the braking process, it’s especially dangerous when the surface is wet. For that reason, the runways, taxiways and aprons need to be cleaned off. The product used in this truck mounted, water blasting application is the WPT Pilotless™ Over-the-Shaft Power Take-off (PTO).

The Over-the-Shaft PTO, also known as the OTS, can be actuated with hydraulics or pneumatics. Actuation pressure is applied to the unit through a port located in the bellhousing. This pressure can be delivered through on-board hydraulics or air, or with one of WPT’s hydraulic power units.

The rubber removal system is comprised of a truck-mounted piston pump that is powered by an auxiliary diesel engine. The OTS serves as the main disconnect between the engine and the pump. This allows the pump to be disengaged without the need to power down the engine.

During engagement, high-pressure water is generated by the pump and delivered to a nozzle head mounted to a snorkel. As the nozzle head glides across the surface of the runway, the high-pressure water blasts the rubber from the substrate; leaving a clean, skid-free surface.

OTS Blaster Application
Truck mounted water blasting for airport runways and taxiways.

Operation of the OTS is simple and straight forward. The engine is cranked while the clutch is in the disengaged position. Once the engine has adequately warmed up and achieved proper idle, the OTS is engaged with a push button on the control panel, or in the case of the rubber removal unit, in the cab of the truck.

Remote operation of the OTS is a real advantage. Aside from the convenience it provides for the operator, it also removes the human element from the engagement process. One of the major causes behind most mechanically actuated clutch failures is the inability or failure to properly engage them.

From a structural standpoint, the OTS is built on the unrivaled WPT Pilotless™ platform. This design provides side load capabilities of up 70 percent more than our competitors. The Pilotless™ also offers ease of maintenance and installation by eliminating the pilot bearing. Less wear and maintenance points mean lower cost to operate and greater longevity.

If your company has a unique design that you feel WPT can help with, give us a call. Our staff of field salespeople and sales engineers are here to help. Once we have collected the data we will go to work coming up with a unique solution that’s tailor made for your application.

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