18” SWC Brake for Web Tension Drive in South African Mill

Paper Machine Brakes

With commodity markets seeing extra challenges both in the domestic and export arenas, the fast paced and innovative paper-converting and packaging industry needs seamless and hassle-free solutions.

WPT’s Steel Water Cooled Brake is that solution. Together with their long-term distribution partner, PECS Power, WPT and PECS supported one mill in an uninterrupted transition from a problematic competitor brake to the WPT unit in a very swift timeframe. 

The mill reached out to PECS due to persistent water leaks, overheating issues, and torque loss with the competitor brake. PECS contacted the supplier of the original brake, but no spare parts were available. Due to cracked water jackets, a repair was too risky.

The decision was made to purchase a new replacement brake from WPT Power. A 118 Steel Water Cooled (SWC) Brake was built from stock at WPT’s plant in Wichita Falls, Texas, USA and sent direct to South Africa for fitment. WPT’s direct interchangeability made this a very easy swap for the client.

Critical to the paper-converting operation is the web tension. This tension is controlled with the brake. As the roll unwinds, the torque required to maintain constant tension gradually decreases. The ability of a brake to provide smooth torque transitions directly relates to the final quality of the product. The WPT Power SWC brake provides the consistent and required control needed for such a key function.

This very robust and effective system can handle high heat applications and cycle intervals. Heat rapidly transfers from the friction material into the uniquely designed water jackets. This increased heat transfer capability of the WPT SWC brake allows operating under constant slip applications. With the aid of a suitable recirculating cooling system the SWC brake is the perfect match for paper-converting tension control. 

With sizes ranging from a single plate 6-inch to a triple plate 30H models and other water-cooled designs available we will have the solution for you. 

Please reach out to WPT Power for a consultation regarding your requirements at +1 940-761-1971 or at info@wptpower.com