Component Focus – WPT Power Friction Material

WPT Power Friction Material

For nearly 30 years, WPT Power has prided themselves on manufacturing robust, high-quality clutch and brake assemblies and interchangeable components. All of which tackles the world’s most demanding industrial applications. Even though all the components that make up a WPT assembly are critical, there is one component that deals with the most extreme operating condition, that being the friction material.

Whether you’re a PTO user in South East Asia, a Water Cooled Brake client in Europe, a Low Inertia user in Africa, or a rig operator with a Power Grip Clutch in North America, WPT’s friction, such as full circle geared disc, puck, or segmented section, are all proudly made in the U.S.A. You can be assured that your completely engineered friction material is the highest quality available on the market.

WPT Power’s in-house engineering department has put together numerous friction specifications across its product range. This includes various coefficient properties, materials for extreme loads and impregnated sintered material. The WPT team can offer you the most suitable material for your application.

If you have an existing application where WPT makes compatible parts, we may be able to identify and implement performance gains or ways of extending service life. One example of this is our PPLI upgrade for the low Inertia range for the steel market.

WPT Power has much to offer the marketplace, from great service and support through to high quality componentry and assemblies. To find out more please contact us at or