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LI Clutches and Brakes for Coiling and Uncoiling

Clutch & Brake for Steel Processing

Nearly all steel product consumed today are made from coiled steel. Parts for automobiles, appliances, lawn and garden equipment and building materials can all be found with beginnings in the coiling and uncoiling industry. Each time you see a semi-truck loaded with large rolls of steel strapped down to the trailer, you are looking at fenders, patio furniture, roof sheeting or filing cabinets in one of their most primitive forms.

WPT has played a roll in the coiling and uncoiling industries for quite some time. We have supplied Industrial Clutches and Brakes to manufacturers who make equipment for operations such as Slitting, Stamping, Tensioning, Roller Leveling and Stretch Leveling for decades. While most people may not know it, their lives are touched by the world of industrial clutches and brakes daily. Just look around, chances are there are several items in and around your office that were produced with coiled steel.

The main functions of clutches and brakes in this industry are to hold tension or provide resistance while uncoiling steel during cutting and forming operations, or to engage a winding spool to roll or coil the steel to be transported. WPT’s line of Low Inertia Clutches and Brakes perform well for these operations. The low inertia designs live up to their name. The lighter, smaller internal parts in these units provides less inertia on start-ups and stops. This translates to greater efficiency and less machine wear. 

“LI” Clutches and Brakes also exhibit superior heat dissipation.  Ventilated housings, drive rings and center plates remove heat quickly and efficiently. Optional cooling fans are available for those applications which require additional cooling capacity. And when the vented designs cannot handle the required heat removal duties, the Water Cooled versions step in to meet the challenge. Primarily used for braking applications, the WPT Water Cooled models utilize copper or steel lined water jackets sandwiched between the friction discs. As the brake compresses, the friction discs are pressed against the lined water jackets. Meanwhile, water is being pumped through the water jacket, ultimately absorbing the heat and carrying it back to a reservoir or cooling unit.

Lastly, the WPT line of low inertia clutches and brakes utilize an airtube style actuator. Built of rugged high-grade rubber, these tubes are designed to provide thousands of cycles in their lifetime. Aside from their dependability and longevity, these airtubes provide the precise control that operators in the metal forming industry expect and demand. Whether it’s the Spring Applied / Air Released version, or the Air Applied / Spring Released design, WPT’s line of Low Inertia Clutches and Brakes are designed to provide the custom performance you need for your application.  

If your company manufactures coiled steel handling equipment, give WPT a call today! We have helped dozens of manufacturers around the globe with their applications. Our lead times, quality and pricing are among the best in the market. Our applications team is ready and willing to help so give us a call at (940) 761-1971 or email us at info@wptpower.com