Sand and Gravel Dredge

Dredge Power Take-off

Dredging is the process of excavating material from the bed of a body of water. This can be to clear a river or harbor, reshape land, alter drainage, or recover mineral deposits. In this article, we will be looking at a sand and gravel dredge application. Specifically, the WPT Power clutch system that powers the dredge pump. 

WPT was approached with a request for a powerful, flexible, and cost-effective solution to remotely engage a dredge pump. After working closely with our customer, we recommended our Type 2 Hydraulic Power Take-off (PTO) in conjunction with our Python™ Hydraulic Clutch Control (HCC). When used together, the Python allows the PTO clutch to engage and disengage the dredge pump from the engine. 

Dredge Hydraulic PTO

The Type 2 model 318 PTO was chosen for it’s high-capacity torque and side load capabilities. Encased in the bellhousing is a 318 hydraulic clutch pack with Heavy Duty Laminated (HDL) friction discs. The clutch pack is self-adjusting, and the HDL frictions protect against shock-loading. The Type 2 line also features large, heavy-duty spherical roller bearings. This allows for high tensioning of the belts that is required to transfer power to the pump. 

When the Python HCC was selected, it was to provide a smooth, controlled engagement of the PTO. The clutch control also allows the pump to be engaged and disengaged from the comfort of the cabin. Compatibility with the J1939 CAN bus protocol allows for two-way communication between the clutch control and the machine’s control system. Consequently, this allows for complex actions that are otherwise not possible with other systems. 

When combined, the Type 2 and Python provide unmatched performance and reliability. This makes the dynamic duo a perfect match for demanding workload and hours in the dredging industry. For more information on how you can benefit from the WPT Power Type 2 PTO and Python HCC setup, contact WPT Power today or call 940-761-1971. 

Written By: Jeremy D. Bodine, Senior Sales Engineer