Proper Installation Adjustment and Care of Your WPT Power Take-Off

Power Take-off

As WPT has grown over the years to be a leader in the global mechanical Power Take-off (PTO) market, we have strived to ensure that each product that we put out into the industry is accompanied by a detailed installation and maintenance manual. Proper care and installation are paramount and will have a profound effect on the performance and life span of your PTO. A properly maintained power take-off can provide several thousand hours of service and decrease downtime. Below you will find some critical steps that will help you to ensure that you will get optimal life from your clutch. 

Checking Run-out

Before installing your PTO, it is imperative that your engine flywheel and flywheel housing are concentric in relation to the mounting surfaces. This is determined by a methodical measuring procedure known as checking the “run-out”. This procedure is also performed on the mounting surfaces and clutch pack of the PTO. All the aforementioned mounting surfaces must be within a tolerable specification called out by the engine and PTO manufacturer. Any surfaces that do not fall within these specifications can lead to premature clutch failure and engine wear.

Checking Engagement Torque

After you have successfully installed your PTO, it is important to periodically check your engagement torque. As your clutch ages, friction discs and center plates start to wear. Over time, this increased wear can cause your engagement pressure to decrease. This in turn results in excessive clutch slippage that can cause friction discs to heat up, swell, and glaze over. Once this happens, your clutch friction coefficient reduces and will eventually fail. The simple act of keeping your PTO clutch pack in adjustment can increase clutch life exponentially. Engagement torque settings are listed on the data plates of every WPT PTO along with a QR Code that contains a copy of the Installation and Maintenance manual for that particular model.

Maintenance Check

The last and sometimes most overlooked step to increasing the life of your PTO is unit maintenance. Both piloted as well as Pilotless™ WPT PTOs come equipped with grease zerks. Depending on the model, the location of these grease or oil ports will be pointed out in the Installation and Maintenance manual, along with scheduling and instructions on lubrication. Following these schedules and using the recommended lubricants will dramatically increase the life of your clutch. Always refer to the maintenance section of your manual for specific instructions.

If you own a WPT mechanical power take-off and would like to know more about proper installation, care and maintenance practices, please contact us today. We will be happy to assist you by providing you with the information you need. We can be reached at (940) 761-1971 or . Contact us today!!

Written By: John Bardwell, North American Sales Representative