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The Irrigation Workhorse – 314 Type 1 GEN II Mechanical PTO

Type 1 Mechanical PTO

WPT Power and one of their key partners, Diesel Gas Technologies in Australia, has been working on high side load pumping applications in key agricultural regions. It starts by offering the WPT 314 (GEN II) Type 1 Mechanical PTO. The role these power and pump packages play is to get the ever-critical water to the crops. This task includes pumping over quite vast distances and at the right intervals. These irrigation pump packages are the lifeline to achieving a successful season with high yields.   

These demanding applications run sizable belt drives. With the latest generation of wedge belts being used, some with aramid fibre cords and maintenance free properties, the loads seen at the shaft have increased. These PTO’s have essentially two systems that need to be robust and continuously reliable. The clutch pack inside the bell housing handles the engine load and offers the high inertia start and driveline disconnect function.

The bearing system handles the belt drive loads or side load element of the application. One key feature of the WPT design is the ability to remove the sheave (pulley) housing to make belt installations in the field much easier. To increase the overall quality, as the outboard bearing doesn’t need to be disturbed during the process. The sheave housing performs the key function of tying the inboard and outboard bearing housings together. This offers the rigidity needed to stop shaft deflection whilst under load with the correct operational tension applied to the belt drive.

In recent months Diesel Gas Technologies with their extensive application and field experience has worked with WPT Power to produce an even further refined bearing system. This will aid with installations and ongoing maintenance aspects. 

High side loads of this nature are not unique to larger irrigation applications. Type 1 PTO’s are also common in the forestry, dredging, energy, and the mobile crushing and screening sector. This article has focused on the mechanical clutch variant, however, WPT Power produces models with HD friction, hydraulic and pneumatic clutch pack options in 14”, 18”, and 21”. These offer a self-adjusting function, with even higher input loads and remote start possibilities and controlled high inertia start options with the use of WPT’s Python™ Hydraulic Clutch Controller.

If you have a high side application and you are after one of the most the most rugged, highest capacity PTO’s on the market, please contact WPT Power or your local distributor.

Written By: Brett Emson, Sales Manager Asia Pacific & Africa