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PTO Retro-fit Kit

Dredge PTO

If you are the owner of an older dredge from Ellicott or another manufacturer you may have run into this issue. The availability of replacement parts for the Power Take-off (PTO) clutch is getting thin. Luckily, WPT Power has developed a drop-in solution that may be just what you need.

The original clutch on some older dredges was a part number 6-715-299-201-0 from Wichita. It featured a heavy-duty bearing setup and an Eaton truck-style dual-plate clutch. Unfortunately, the design has since been obsoleted, leaving some users of this clutch out to dry.

Fortunately, WPT Power developed a retrofit kit using the newer Pilotless™ Mechanical Power Take-off series. Utilizing a custom flywheel adapter and a model WPL 314 PTO, this kit is a drop-in replacement for most setups.

Switching to the Pilotless™ series of PTOs means you are getting the latest in over-center clutch technology. Dual main bearings with individual grease ports and optional Heavy Duty friction discs are just some of the features. Plus, when the time comes, parts are readily available from any of our Authorized WPT Distributors.

So, if you’re in need of a replacement PTO for your aging dredge clutch, contact WPT Power today.

Written By: Jeremy D Bodine, Senior Sales Engineer