WPT LI/SS Brakes In Shear Applications

Low Inertia Brakes for Metal Forming

For 30 years, WPT has had the pleasure of serving as OEM Clutch and Brake supplier to dozens of metal forming machinery manufacturers the world over. This success has been due to our ability to deliver high quality assemblies and parts at competitive prices and to provide some of the best lead times in our industry.

One of our more popular applications that we serve in the metal forming industry is shearing equipment. Whether it be a shear stationed in the middle of a stamping line, or as a final step of a leveling or slitting operation, WPT has the right clutch and brake for the job.

In this installment, we would like to spotlight our Low Inertia, Spring-set Brakes as used in a slitter line. As steel is uncoiled and runs through a slitter, the sheet is cut into the desired widths. These pieces continue down the line and are then cut to length by the shear. The shear is operated with a clutch and brake that are timed to engage and disengage in a cyclic rhythm. The clutch engages a “guillotine” style shear. The shear blade chops the steel and then returns to its ready position. At this time, the brake is engaged to hold the blade in place until the clutch is ready to be engaged again. In the case of the Spring-set Brake, the internal springs keep it in an engaged position. It is not until air is introduced that the brake releases and allows the clutch to cycle. This cyclical process is repeated while the shear is in use.

The Low Inertia Spring-set Brake makes a good choice for this application for several reasons. Chief among them is the smaller, lighter internal parts that aid in less energy needed to operate the shear. This in turn results in less heat generated. Less heat equals more cycles and increased productivity.

If you are a manufacturer of metal forming equipment and have an application that requires clutches or brakes, give WPT a call today. We can perform a comprehensive application review and specify the right equipment for your machine. We can be reached at (940) 761-1971, or info@wptpower.com . We look forward to assisting you in maximizing your machinery’s potential!

Written by: John Bardwell, North American Sales Representative