WPT Power – Copper Water Cooled Brake (CWC) Renewal Kits  

Copper Water Cooled Brake

One area WPT has focused on more in recent years is not only providing complete CWC assemblies but offering key service items in both kit and individual part form. With a large global install base across multiple markets, the WPT Power CWC technical support and inventory is imperative in keeping these brakes operational for the years to come. 

Part for part, WPT Power produces 100% interchangeable assemblies and parts on competitor models. Giving the market place a fresh option for not only market leading componentry but market leading service to boot. The CWC brake is designed to achieve maximum heat transfer in a compact envelope. These brakes are perfectly suited for tension control equipment as found most commonly in steel and coil processing, forestry, paper and packaging. These applications incur high cycle rates and high inertia stops which makes internal componentry all the more important to have on the shelf when needed.

A WPT Power CWC renewal kit consists of all the copper wear plates to match the assembly specification, replacement springs, O-rings, Nuts, Hex Head Cap Screws and the most key part a replacement friction puck set. WPT offers two kit variations when it comes to the friction. First is loose pucks ready to be attached to the existing drive plates. If the drive plates are worn or damaged, we can provide the drive plate assemblies with friction pre-mounted from our factory as the second option. In addition, WPT offers high quality air tubes, hubs, and pressure plates. Water jackets and complete new assembles are also available in select sizes.

If you are looking for another option for your Copper Cooled Brake components, or assistance in working how to achieve a better service life from your existing unit. Then please reach out to WPT Power as we pride ourselves as one of the most responsive and approachable clutch, brake and PTO manufactures around.