Tensioning Applications For Uncoiling Steel Low Inertia Brakes

Low Inertia Brakes

A large part of WPT’s success in the metal forming industry has been our ability to adapt to the many applications needed to arrive at a finished product. From shearing to stamping and bending to slitting, our clutches and brakes can be found performing to, and in some cases exceeding machine manufacturers’ expectations.

Recently, our applications team was called on to provide a solution for a tensioning brake application for a slitter line manufacturer. The customer needed a tensioning brake that was small but could still handle the heat generated by the application. After a thorough analysis of the data, it was decided that an air-cooled, Low Inertia Brake was the appropriate model for the job.

The WPT Low Inertia Brake is constructed of smaller, lighter parts that require less energy to turn, thereby generating less heat. This, coupled with the ventilated design of the housing, allows for superior heat dissipation to be achieved. The WPT Low Inertia Brake makes an excellent choice for tensioning applications in both dragging as well as holding operations.

If you are a manufacturer of metal forming equipment and need a clutch or brake in the design of your coil handling machine, contact WPT Power today. We have sales application specialists who can work with you to help determine the correct clutch or brake for your application. Contact us today at (940) 761-1971, or info@wptpower.com .

Written by: John Bardwell, North American Sales Representative