Custom PTO Solution for Pile Driving Contractor

Pile Driving solutions

WPT Power was recently contacted by one of our long-term Pile Driving end users to produce a 14” remotely actuated solution for an existing mechanical PTO application. In this instance, it was too disruptive to retrofit and make the appropriate modifications to the machine to fit a Hydraulic Type 2 unit or an off-the-shelf Pilotless™ OTS PTO in its place. The client has previously used a Type 2 and has recently bought one of WPT’s Pilotless™ OTS products and was impressed with the performance, and they wanted to replicate this across the board.

As a solution WPT Power came up with a pneumatically actuated Power Grip clutch pack to adapt to the existing PTO’s tapered shaft and housing. WPT Engineering modeled the clutch pack for bell housing clearance, shaft positioning, and drive ring fitment against the engine’s flywheel, all prior to conducting the formal hub drawing and concept for approval.

This overall solution was very cost-effective, fit for purpose, and was all done in a short period of time. The end-user drilled the shaft for air, sourced the hoses, and union locally to complete the package.  

This is a prime example of WPT Power’s ability to be flexible, responsive, and understanding regarding real-world challenges that our customers come across. If you are facing a unique challenge with any of your PTO based applications, please get in touch with WPT Power, as they are sure to come up with a solution.

Written By: Brett Emson, Sales Manager Asia Pacific & Africa