WPT Clutch Packs for OEM Gearboxes in the Fracking Industry

Gearbox Clutch

As the Oil & Gas Industry has changed and fracking has gained more popularity from a profitability standpoint, the need for newer and more efficient equipment has been on the rise. Within the process, several pieces of equipment are needed to extract the trapped pockets of gas and oil. This equipment can range from high-pressure pumps to inject liquids into the well bore to blending units used to mix these fracking fluids. These machines are mostly diesel driven and require a clutched drivetrain to transfer power from the engine to the blender or pump.

WPT has a long and storied history in the manufacturing of fracking equipment. You can find our PTOs and clutch packs on equipment from several manufacturers across the globe. When one such manufacturer came to us for a gearbox clutch on their fracking pumps, we went to work on a solution.

The gearbox manufacturer had sized their unit to provide the required speed and torque for the application, but they did not have a clutch pack that would allow them to control the transfer of power. WPT’s sales and applications teams got involved and collected the required data on the power source, the gearbox, and the driven piece of equipment, which in this case was the pump. Once WPT made the calculations, a clutch pack was recommended and successfully installed and tested. 

If you are a manufacturer of gearboxes and sometimes require a clutch, give WPT a call. We can provide 6” to 60” clutches in mechanical, hydraulic or pneumatic actuation formats. Our staff of applications engineers is eager to provide you with just the right equipment for the job. Give us a call today at (940) 761-1971 or email us at info@wptpower.com.

Written by: John Bardwell, North American Sales Representative