​New Package for a Paper Packaging Manufacturer

fourdrinier clutch

With the advent of digital media, paper may seem like something from a bygone era. However, paper consumption has not dropped as dramatically as initially predicted. Some sectors have even seen a rise. Part of this is because we still like to have something tangible to hold in our hands. Another reason is due to the increase in paper used for packaging material. So, even though global usage has declined, there is still a need to manufacture paper. 

Old Clutch Sent Packing

Paper products are produced in a paper mill. Many of these mills still utilize equipment from the mid-twentieth century. This means that occasionally a part or component for the mill will become hard to source. That is exactly what happened with a fourdrinier clutch at a mill in the Southern United States.  

The original clutch, a Beloit 32Q, was designed with quick maintenance in mind. An integrated shaft with flange mounting helped reduce the time to swap a failed clutch with a rebuilt one. This was a custom setup, and over time, it became more difficult to find parts. That’s when our distributor contacted WPT for a custom-built Power Grip (PG) clutch. 

Power Grip Package to the Rescue

The WPT Power Grip clutches are engineered to accommodate both in-line and end of shaft applications. They are available with air or hydraulic actuation. All Power Grip clutches feature our patented extended tooth hub design. Wave springs are standard and make on-shaft rebuilds a snap.  

The WPT solution started with our air actuated Power Grip model 336. We then added an integrated shaft with flange mounting to maintain drop-in compatibility. We added our Quick-Change Driving Adapter (QCDA) with custom mounting to make maintenance even easier. The QCDA feature allows the friction material and airtube to be replaced without removing the clutch. This further reduces the time needed to perform routine maintenance. 

So, if you are in the market for a replacement clutch for your paper mill, be sure to reach out to your Authorized WPT Distributor today. If we don’t have an off-the-shelf unit that will meet your needs, our talented design team will be able to customize your solution. 

Written By: JD Bodine, Senior Sales Engineer