PTO Cross Referencing

PTO Nameplate

WPT Power designs and manufactures a complete line of Mechanical Power Take-offs. What you may not know is WPT also offers parts and units that are directly interchangeable with competitive brands.

Mechanical Power Take-off clutches are used on a wide variety of heavy machinery across many industries. Clutches are designed with many wearing parts, creating the need for replacement. Some common wear/spare parts in Mechanical Power Take-offs are bearings, friction discs, grease hoses, and sliding sleeve assemblies. Once the clutch is identified, a simple review of the drawing and parts list will assist in determining the required replacement parts. WPT Power’s Sales & Customer Service Team are here to assist users in identifying their Mechanical Power Take-off, regardless of the brand.   

The easiest way to identify the model number of your Mechanical Power Take-off is to locate the name/inspection plate attached to the bell housing. If the name/inspection plate has been removed or discarded, there are a few simple measurements on the outside of the PTO that can assist with identification. Your WPT Sales Representative or WPT Distributor has the necessary product knowledge to support you through these measurements. 

NACD and Twin Disc product numbers on nameplates
Examples of NACD and Twin Disc product numbers on nameplates.

The Mechanical Power Take-off model number may contain many different numbers or letter sequences, such as SP111 or WTD-11-130. Once you have identified the model number, regardless of the brand, WPT Sales & Customer Service are ready to assist with cross-reference information to WPT Power part numbers. WPT Power offers parts that are a straight exchange with competitive brands such as Twin Disc, NACD, and PEC, to name a few. 

For assistance with identifying your clutch, contact WPT Sales and Customer Service at 940-761-1971 or email at

Written By: Ty Kirk, Sales Representative