Road & Highway Safety Barrier Manufacturing 

Road & highway safety barriers

One section of the steel processing market that has a global presence is the requirement for formed steel guardrails and safety barrier systems. 

Consistent with and similar to other steel processing like coiling, uncoiling, roll forming, slitting, shearing, and cutting applications, WPT Power has a range of OEM approved products to cater to this market. All automated or continuous manufacturing requires precise control of the raw material to ensure a consistent, high-quality product is produced each and every cycle with minimum wastage. In the road barrier manufacturing space, WPT Power provides solutions in the form of their Low Inertia Clutches and Brakes, our Power Grip Clutch Range, and for controlled uncoiling, the Water-Cooled Braking products – Copper and Steel Water Cooled (CWC & SWC) and their market leading WCB. 

The loads involved when forming a heavy gauge sheet of steel into a profiled rail that we would all recognize are quite substantial. The drive system required to feed the steel through the series of die and roll stations needs to be robust, reliable and controlled precisely with a clutch and braking system capable of handling high torque and thermal loads. WPT Power has extensive experience in steel applications where uncoiling, stop, start and cut applications are present, all with various design configurations. Another example of WPT’s commitment to offering solutions is the PPLI upgrade package.

WPT Power can increase the capacity of your current low Inertia Clutch or Brake product by changing the internal friction and centre plate design to handle higher loads for extended periods, all while sticking with the existing unit. 

So, if you are an OEM equipment builder or an end user looking for some improvements, please contact WPT Power, where our engineering and applications team can guide you to a suitable solution.

Written By: Brett Emson, Sales Manager Asia Pacific & Africa