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Stocking for Your Market – the WPT Power Approach

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WPT Distributors go beyond being the middleman between end users and us as a manufacturer. They also do more than fulfill orders. Our Distributors are the face of WPT and act as a representative, performing market analysis on industrial and production needs. They evaluate and are stocking for your market. 

Since 1992, WPT Power has held a robust distribution model. We are proudly celebrating our 30th year because of our distributor partnerships. With crucial partners stationed across the globe, the intention is to make the WPT range accessible in each region. Ensuring products are stocked close to the market in which they are being used is a goal of WPT. Including North and South America, Europe, Asia, Oceania, and Africa. Benefiting you, the end-user.

WPT’s focus is making each of its long-term and new additions distributors as strong as possible. Both distributors and WPT Power need to have a good understanding of applications, product knowledge, and identify the market demands. Of course, that includes what items to put on the shelf, quantity, and stock plan for future demand. The motivation to better serve their area by carrying the proper inventory that’s available when needed.

The idea behind distributor-held stock in each region is to minimize several factors. First, the customer can then obtain what they need faster without much downtime. Next, it can impact end-user production and maintenance expenses without costs associated with expediting deliveries. It is always a good outcome when one can remove air freight from the equation, and a local courier is all that is needed to get the goods to the site.  

Shipping cost is of particular importance for overseas distributors. That is because the economy of scale comes into play when importing stock. One of the ways WPT aims to be proactive is by working with its partners to arrange a frequent stock flow by the most economical means possible. This outcome is only achieved by analyzing usage.

If you find yourself subject to long lead times, last-minute urgent orders, and high freight prices, please give WPT Power or your local WPT distributor a call to open up a discussion about what you require.

Adding value to the market is one of WPT’s primary goals!

Written By: Brett Emson, Sales Manager Asia Pacific & Africa