WPT Power in Africa – 2023 and beyond.

Africa Mining Distributor

A little over 12 months ago, WPT Power formally partnered up with Brakecore Supply Company to further support the African clutch, brake, and PTO market. This development has brought a fresh approach to ensuring that the key market sectors for WPT Power are covered not only with supply but also by technical, workshop, and field-based capabilities.

Forty Years of Experience

Celebrating their 40th anniversary in 2023, Brakecore Supply Company operates an impressive facility from its Ermelo, South Africa headquarters, and a further operation in Jet Park, Johannesburg. In addition, remote employees are stationed in key heavy industry areas to ensure that high service levels are maintained.

Key African Markets

These key market sectors are coal, hard rock, seabed mining, steel manufacturing and forming, land- and offshore-based energy, clay brick manufacturing, aggregates, road building, water movement, forestry, tree care, paper converting, and load testing or dynamometer applications. WPT Power and Brakecore Supply Company in Africa focuses on these sectors.

“With Brakecore’s capabilities to stock for the market, experienced long-term staff, technical capabilities, all stacked together with their like-minded dedication, it’s like dealing with ourselves,” said Brett Emson of WPT Power. 

A large part of Brakecore’s business and history has been the dragline and wire rope shovel brakes. This compliments WPT’s mining brake range in such a way that it gives the African open-cast mining operations a dedicated partnership and flow between manufacturer, distributor, and end user. This recipe offers the market fast answers and smooth supply, and in turn, lowers overall costs.

WPT Africa inventory

Armed with the complete WPT Power range, including industrial clutches, brakes, and engine-driven products, this same process can be applied to any market, regardless of the equipment you operate.

If you require any assistance, be it product supply, training, technical support, or rebuilds, please contact Brakecore Supply Company or WPT Power for further details.

Written By: Brett Emson, Sales Manager Asia Pacific & Africa