Wood Chipper PTOs

It is that time of the year again. Time to perform some preventative maintenance on your tree care equipment to keep it running strong throughout the season. One crucial—yet often overlooked—maintenance point on wood chippers is the Mechanical Power Take-off, or PTO for short. If the machine is only a few years old, check out […]

Marine Winch

From time to time, WPT receives a request from an OEM for a product that does not fall within the specifications of our standard product. Such was the case when we were approached by a crane manufacturer who was in the market for a specific style of hoist for a small marine application. This OEM […]

Water Blasting PTO Applications

Here at WPT, we are often tasked with modifying our existing designs to better accommodate an OEM’s application. Such was the case with a Texas based water blasting manufacturer. For years, their design had incorporated an oil cooled main bearing that was otherwise not offered in our existing models. The manufacturer required not only the […]

Type 2 PTO for Road Building

Some of the toughest applications for clutches in the industrial world can be found in and around the roadbuilding industry. From extreme temperatures, to environments where heavy shock and vibration are the norm, road building equipment performs under the harshest of circumstances. WPT PTOs, clutches and brakes are no strangers to the roadbuilding industry, and […]

Dropping the Hammer Bit

Percussion drilling is a manual technique where a heavy cutting or hammering bit is attached to a cable and moved up and down rapidly to cut a hole in the soil.  In this style of drilling, the constant cycling action make it imperative to have good pneumatic controls and a reliable, responsive clutch and brake.  […]

Full Marine Corrosion Protection Package

The WPT Full Marine Corrosion Protection (FMCP) package is an option that is available on most of the clutches and brakes in the WPT line-up. The FMCP option is ideal on equipment that will be exposed to marine and other corrosive environments. The package includes a proprietary plating process, a three-part paint system, and stainless-steel […]

Market Sectors – Agriculture

WPT Power’s products play a big role in the agriculture market. With products like the innovative Pilotless™ Power Take-off (PTO), the rugged Type 1 and Type 2 PTOs, GM® and Automotive Style PTOs, and the Power Pump Drives, WPT has you covered no matter what you need. Paired with our unmatched Customer Service and Engineering […]

Hydraulic Power Take Off That “Pounds the Pavement”

At WPT, we never know what type of undertaking will be coming through the door next. Such was the case when a manufacturer of Portable Asphalt Milling machines presented us with a unique set of application challenges. Their primary markets are contractors, municipalities and Department of Transportations (DOTs) that need utility trenching and road maintenance […]

Demanding Jobs Demand Solutions. Meet WPT’s New 318 Type 2 Power Take-off.

Rock Crushers, Wood Chippers/Grinders, Cold Planers, and other large inertia loads have met their match. WPT’s Type 2, 318 Power Take-off is ideal for your high side load applications. The advantages of this self-adjusting clutch are: premium spherical roller bearings, heavy-duty gear tooth friction discs, and pneumatic or hydraulic actuation. This translates into an impressive […]

Mechanical PTO Maintenance Tips for Tree Care Equipment, Part Two

In Mechanical PTO Maintenance Tips for Tree Care Equipment – Part One, we outlined some key preventative maintenance steps to ensure you get the most from your chipper clutch. In this part we will discuss an easy—yet crucial—tip for maximizing uptime.  The industrial Mechanical Power Take-off (PTO) is part of the mobile woodchipper powertrain and one of the pivotal components in the machine. The Mechanical […]