WPT PTOs for Municipal Flood Pumps

Mechanical PTO flood control

As the storm clouds loom over Coastal Town, USA, emergency personnel from local and state governments jump into action by monitoring weather forecasts and water levels in their jurisdictions. Flood Control plays an essential role for those communities in coastal and low-lying areas, and pumping facilities must always be on the ready. If a pumping […]

WPT Power Earns Safety Award

OSHA Safety Award

The Texas Department of Insurance, Division of Workers’ Compensation (DWC) recognized WPT Power Corp. with a third Lone Star Safety Award for its exemplary workplace safety efforts and low rates of work-related injuries and illnesses. WPT Power Corp., a manufacturer of industrial clutches and brakes, employs 36 people at its Wichita Falls location. The company […]

The Irrigation Workhorse – 314 Type 1 GEN II Mechanical PTO

Type 1 Mechanical PTO

WPT Power and one of their key partners, Diesel Gas Technologies in Australia, has been working on high side load pumping applications in key agricultural regions. It starts by offering the WPT 314 (GEN II) Type 1 Mechanical PTO. The role these power and pump packages play is to…

Role of WPT PTOs In Rice Irrigation

Power Take-offs for Rice Irrigation

WPT plays a major role in the flooding and draining process of the fields. Throughout the lower Mississippi River Delta and the southern central area of Louisiana known as “Acadiana”, rice farmers alternate their rice crops with commercial crawfish operations…

18” SWC Brake for Web Tension Drive in South African Mill

With commodity markets seeing extra challenges both in the domestic and export arenas, the fast paced and innovative paper-converting and packaging industry needs seamless and hassle-free solutions. WPT’s Steel Water Cooled Brake is that solution. Together with their long-term distribution partner, PECS Power, WPT and PECS supported one mill in an uninterrupted transition from a […]

Here’s Another Reason Why WPT, Spare Parts!

The global clutch and brake scene sees manufactures who tend to specialize or focus on a narrow band of products. This is one area where WPT Power differs which is their commitment to a vast array of product lines. These products are all commonly used in many industries and applications across the world. This makes part […]

Adapting to the Industry

In today’s market, Tier 4 engine users commonly find themselves limited in applications that require a Power Take-Off (PTO) clutch. This could be because the engine is equipped with a non-SAE housing or because the engine flywheel is not equipped with a stock pilot bearing bore to accommodate the PTO. Whatever the problem, WPT Power […]

Mud Motor Dynamometers

Have you ever read the specifications for a piece of equipment and wondered how the manufacturer arrives at a given rating such as torque, speed or horsepower? We all know that there are mathematical equations that can be used to calculate these factors, but how do they go about putting the piece of equipment into […]

Water Blasting PTO Applications

Here at WPT, we are often tasked with modifying our existing designs to better accommodate an OEM’s application. Such was the case with a Texas based water blasting manufacturer. For years, their design had incorporated an oil cooled main bearing that was otherwise not offered in our existing models. The manufacturer required not only the […]