18” SWC Brake for Web Tension Drive in South African Mill

With commodity markets seeing extra challenges both in the domestic and export arenas, the fast paced and innovative paper-converting and packaging industry needs seamless and hassle-free solutions. WPT’s Steel Water Cooled Brake is that solution. Together with their long-term distribution partner, PECS Power, WPT and PECS supported one mill in an uninterrupted transition from a […]

Here’s Another Reason Why WPT, Spare Parts!

The global clutch and brake scene sees manufactures who tend to specialize or focus on a narrow band of products. This is one area where WPT Power differs which is their commitment to a vast array of product lines. These products are all commonly used in many industries and applications across the world. This makes part […]

Adapting to the Industry

In today’s market, Tier 4 engine users commonly find themselves limited in applications that require a Power Take-Off (PTO) clutch. This could be because the engine is equipped with a non-SAE housing or because the engine flywheel is not equipped with a stock pilot bearing bore to accommodate the PTO. Whatever the problem, WPT Power […]

Mud Motor Dynamometers

Have you ever read the specifications for a piece of equipment and wondered how the manufacturer arrives at a given rating such as torque, speed or horsepower? We all know that there are mathematical equations that can be used to calculate these factors, but how do they go about putting the piece of equipment into […]

Water Blasting PTO Applications

Here at WPT, we are often tasked with modifying our existing designs to better accommodate an OEM’s application. Such was the case with a Texas based water blasting manufacturer. For years, their design had incorporated an oil cooled main bearing that was otherwise not offered in our existing models. The manufacturer required not only the […]

Grinding Mills – Keeping them turning for longer!

WPT Power’s market leading Power Grip clutch products perform in many rugged applications across the globe. One of those and perhaps the most demanding application is getting Grinding Mills turning. The Power Grip Grinding Mill Clutch offers a smooth, efficient engagement for these very heavy loads, a calculated slip time gives a soft start function […]

Manure Pond Agitator, Providing the Right Mix

The Ag Sector is becoming more unique than ever. Dairy farmers and ranchers are constantly looking for new, creative ideas to operate their farm at peak efficiency. In the agriculture industry, you will often hear the term “manure lagoon,” which is a process designed to store and to keep well agitated, thousands of gallons of […]

WPT Power Take-offs For Barge Pumps

Of the many marine applications that WPT has been specified for over the years, one has seen an increase in popularity recently. The application we are speaking of is in the barge pump market. Throughout the North and South American Inland River systems, tank barges move liquid products to and from processing plants, refineries and […]

Pilotless™ PTO Hits the Sweet Spot

WPT has a long history in the agricultural market with irrigation being one of the primary applications that we service. From produce such as citrus, cotton, soybeans and many others, WPT has maintained a strong relationship with farmers throughout North America and abroad. Major agricultural users of our Power Take Off units, not surprisingly, are […]

The Yarder, Forestry’s Heavy Hitter Needs Heavy Hitting Clutches and Brakes

WPT Power is synonymous for robust clutch and brake components across many industries as an OEM and in the aftermarket, and the global alpine logging market isn’t any different. WPT Power produces complete clutch and brake units and internal componentry for Yarder (also known as a Hauler) cable applications. WPT Power is the only manufacturer […]