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The key benefits of the pneumatic plate clutch, over constricting drum designs

drum style pneumatic clutch

In the industrial clutch and brake game, you don’t have to search very long to find applications that run pneumatic air-cooled plate or disc clutches. Another product style seen is the constricting drum design; these are both found predominately on oilfield equipment, grinding mills, metal forming, paper processing, and marine applications. There are some key […]

Power Grip Clutches in Marine Winch Systems

Standard Clutch Marine Winch

Marine winch systems are used in the offshore industry in numerous applications. Common examples include anchor handling, towing, and mooring. Regardless of the application, most systems utilize a clutch to disconnect the drive system from the winch drum. WPT Power has been supplying Power Grip clutches in marine winch systems for over 20 years. Leading […]

​New Package for a Paper Packaging Manufacturer

fourdrinier clutch

With the advent of digital media, paper may seem like something from a bygone era. However, paper consumption has not dropped as dramatically as initially predicted. Some sectors have even seen a rise. Part of this is because we still like to have something tangible to hold in our hands. Another reason is due to […]

Clutches for Gearboxes

Quite often, OEMs need to either increase or decrease the speed of their application. Several factors come into play when determining these needs. Examples are the speed requirements of the driven component or a change in gear ratio to achieve a desired torque. When these types of requirements arise, companies turn to gearbox manufacturers for […]