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Full Marine Corrosion Protection Package

The WPT Full Marine Corrosion Protection (FMCP) package is an option that is available on most of the clutches and brakes in the WPT line-up. The FMCP option is ideal on equipment that will be exposed to marine and other corrosive environments. The package includes a proprietary plating process, a three-part paint system, and stainless-steel […]

Spotlight – WPT Low-drag Dyno Water Cooled Brake

WPT Power has done it again. We have taken a tried-and-true product and improved upon the design. Our recent addition to the WPT line-up is the Hydraulic Low-Drag Dyno Water Cooled Brake (WCB). This new brake configuration is specifically designed and engineered for dynamometer testing equipment. The new brake option features a multi-piston radial hydraulic […]

Top 3 Applications for Water Cooled Brakes

The WPT Power Water Cooled Brakes (WCBs) get their name from the fact that they use water to transfer energy. This energy is in the form of heat and is caused from the friction material on the drive plates continuously rubbing against the stationary surface of the water jacket. There are several different designs, but […]

WPT Water Cooled Brake on Fishing Winches

For commercial fishing operations to work, they must have a reliable catch-net system. The payout line is drawn out with drag caused by the net(s) in the water.  The winch brake system prevents disorderly unwinding of the ropes by keeping the necessary tension with a brake. The best method of keeping consistent line tension is to […]