​How to Check the Operating Clearance in Your Power Grip Clutch

Proper maintenance is crucial to getting the performance and life from your WPT industrial clutches. During normal operation of the clutch, the friction discs will wear slowly over time. This wear increases the space between the center plates and frictions and reduces the maximum torque available. Below we will show you how to check the […]

Power Grip Standard vs H vs SHD Clutches

In the Power Grip line of clutches, you may have come across the letters H and SHD at the end of the model numbers. If you are a veteran in the world of industrial clutches, you probably know the H and SHD offer more torque capacity when compared to the standard. What you may not […]

What’s up with all the Certifications?

You may have read about our certifications or seen them displayed in the Wichita Falls office and thought, why are they making a big deal out of those? Nicely framed random numbers and letters on a piece of paper without any idea of what they really mean. Yet these recognitions are important for customers to […]

Industrial Clutch Selection Guide

When choosing the best possible industrial clutch for your application, several factors need to be taken into consideration. Torque, response time, operating speed, thermal capacity, and size are some of the details to bear in mind. Other criteria to help determine your selection would be type of engagement such as a soft start or controlled-slip, […]