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WPT 42” PO Clutches and Parts 

Power Grip PO style clutch

For years PO Style clutches have long been a staple in the oil and gas markets for draw works applications. WPT has served this market, as well as several other PO clutch applications, since the inception of our company. Our PO products range in sizes from 14” to 36” and are still compatible with our […]

Brick Extrusion Using Industrial PO Clutches

Have you ever wondered how bricks are made? Believe it or not, WPT Power industrial clutches play a pivotal role in the process!   The most common process of brick formation is called extrusion, where a combination of materials are poured into a mixing chamber by way of conveyer. This chamber consists of rotating teeth that grind up the material compound into the desired consistency. Once mixed, […]

The Applications of a Power Grip Clutches

Power Grip Industrial clutches

There are numerous applications for industrial brakes and clutches, and the global market for these items are projected to hit $1.7 billion over the next decade alone. Particular components, such as Power Grip and Power Grip PO Clutches, can be extremely beneficial in the operation of heavy machinery in oil & gas extraction, iron and […]