Amish Sawmills

Sawmills have been used in the United States for decades to convert raw timber into lumber. Lumber from these mills is primarily used to make housing structures, furniture, pallets, & flooring. Sawmills work by positioning a log on one end and cut-to-length lumber exits the other. Trees chosen to be harvested are chopped down, delimbed, […]

Clutches for Gearboxes

Quite often, OEMs need to either increase or decrease the speed of their application. Several factors come into play when determining these needs. Examples are the speed requirements of the driven component or a change in gear ratio to achieve a desired torque. When these types of requirements arise, companies turn to gearbox manufacturers for […]

Margins in Mining between a rock and a hard place?

Mining and Aggregate industry forecasts are predicting considerable challenges over the next couple of years. Lengthy permit processes, steep reclamation costs, alternative energy competition, among many other matters, are pressing in on the bottom line. In addition, mining is very capital intensive. Equipment such as rock crushers, shovels and draglines that are a part of […]

Cotton Irrigation – The WPT Power Solution

Across the globe, cotton is a highly competitive and subsidized commodity. In the Australian agricultural sector, the cotton industry represents one of the most significant contributors. With international exports around $2 billion per season, this also makes Australia one of the world’s top exporters.  To remain competitive, the Australian growers need higher yields and lower […]

Cleaning up the Industry

Thousands of oil spills occur in the U.S. every year. Most spills are often very small and require immediate attention to prevent further damage to the environment. Over time, technology has been engineered to safely and effectively clean up the oil from the land. Vacuum trailer systems are a part of that solution. They’re an […]

Deforming the Industry

Back in 1955, the United States Military established the Ammunition Peculiar Equipment Program (APE) to safely dispose of used military weapons and ammo. The goal of the program is to safely demilitarize ammunition components to be recycled back into production. With that in mind, the U.S. Department of Defense mandated that they will not accept […]

WPT PTOs In Air Curtain Burner Applications

Air Curtain Incinerator

One of the lesser-known applications that we service at WPT is the use of our mechanical PTOs in the air curtain industry. Air curtain mechanisms consists of a diesel engine driving a high-volume fan that force feeds oxygen to debris fires. Air Curtains come in two different designs. One style of air curtain utilizes a […]

Wood Chipper PTOs

It is that time of the year again. Time to perform some preventative maintenance on your tree care equipment to keep it running strong throughout the season. One crucial—yet often overlooked—maintenance point on wood chippers is the Mechanical Power Take-off, or PTO for short. If the machine is only a few years old, check out […]

Water Blasting PTO Applications

Here at WPT, we are often tasked with modifying our existing designs to better accommodate an OEM’s application. Such was the case with a Texas based water blasting manufacturer. For years, their design had incorporated an oil cooled main bearing that was otherwise not offered in our existing models. The manufacturer required not only the […]

Market Sectors – Agriculture

WPT Power’s products play a big role in the agriculture market. With products like the innovative Pilotless™ Power Take-off (PTO), the rugged Type 1 and Type 2 PTOs, GM® and Automotive Style PTOs, and the Power Pump Drives, WPT has you covered no matter what you need. Paired with our unmatched Customer Service and Engineering […]