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The Ball Bearing Collar Advantages

Bronze Collars

WPT has been producing mechanical PTOs for over 20 years now. Starting with the automotive style flat-faced clutch that is so popular in the irrigation and chipper market, we eventually entered into the over-center market that spans an array of industrial, agricultural, and marine applications. From the beginning, our over-center designs offered both bronze and […]

Piston Water Cooled Brake Upgrade – WPT Power’s Air Tube Conversion Kits

One of WPT’s strengths is offering engineered improvements into existing designs. WPT makes performance, service life, and ongoing maintenance all added benefits when using a WPT Clutch, Brake or PTO. In this article we are focusing on the Water Cooled Brake (WCB) air tube conversion kits. This is taking a competitor WCB, actuated by a […]

Here’s Another Reason Why WPT, Spare Parts!

The global clutch and brake scene sees manufactures who tend to specialize or focus on a narrow band of products. This is one area where WPT Power differs which is their commitment to a vast array of product lines. These products are all commonly used in many industries and applications across the world. This makes part […]