Best Solution for Constant Tensioning? Water Cooled Brakes

Water-cooled brake advantage

Constant tensioning brakes are critical in heavy equipment applications such as uncoilers, paper converting, and marine winches. Their function quickly dissipates a large amount of heat using water as the coolant. Traditional air-cooled brake systems often fail to meet the demands of these applications, leading to significant performance concerns. To address this issue, WPT engineers […]

Piston Water Cooled Brake Upgrade – WPT Power’s Air Tube Conversion Kits

One of WPT’s strengths is offering engineered improvements into existing designs. WPT makes performance, service life, and ongoing maintenance all added benefits when using a WPT Clutch, Brake or PTO. In this article we are focusing on the Water Cooled Brake (WCB) air tube conversion kits. This is taking a competitor WCB, actuated by a […]

18” SWC Brake for Web Tension Drive in South African Mill

With commodity markets seeing extra challenges both in the domestic and export arenas, the fast paced and innovative paper-converting and packaging industry needs seamless and hassle-free solutions. WPT’s Steel Water Cooled Brake is that solution. Together with their long-term distribution partner, PECS Power, WPT and PECS supported one mill in an uninterrupted transition from a […]

WPT Power – The Trusted Name in Top Drive Load Testing

At WPT Power, we dedicate ourselves to delivering high-performance products to the many industries and applications they operate in across the globe. This commitment to performance is why WPT Power has become a trusted name in top drive load testing equipment. The most recent example is a test stand in South Africa that uses a […]

Mud Motor Dynamometers

Have you ever read the specifications for a piece of equipment and wondered how the manufacturer arrives at a given rating such as torque, speed or horsepower? We all know that there are mathematical equations that can be used to calculate these factors, but how do they go about putting the piece of equipment into […]

Spotlight – WPT Low-drag Dyno Water Cooled Brake

WPT Power has done it again. We have taken a tried-and-true product and improved upon the design. Our recent addition to the WPT line-up is the Hydraulic Low-Drag Dyno Water Cooled Brake (WCB). This new brake configuration is specifically designed and engineered for dynamometer testing equipment. The new brake option features a multi-piston radial hydraulic […]

WPT Water Cooled Brake on Fishing Winches

For commercial fishing operations to work, they must have a reliable catch-net system. The payout line is drawn out with drag caused by the net(s) in the water.  The winch brake system prevents disorderly unwinding of the ropes by keeping the necessary tension with a brake. The best method of keeping consistent line tension is to […]

Market Sectors – Marine

WPT Power has built a reputation in the Marine Industry for delivering products that can get the job done consistently. We offer a rugged line of industrial marine clutches and brakes that work in a wide range of applications. The Water Cooled Brake, Water Cooled Clutch, Low Inertia Brake, Low Inertia Spring-set Brake, Low Inertia […]