WPT PTOs for Municipal Flood Pumps

Mechanical PTO flood control

As the storm clouds loom over Coastal Town, USA, emergency personnel from local and state governments jump into action by monitoring weather forecasts and water levels in their jurisdictions. Flood Control plays an essential role for those communities in coastal and low-lying areas, and pumping facilities must always be on the ready. If a pumping […]

 Best Hydroseeding Power Take-Off

Hydroseeding Power Take-off

Hydroseeding has been around since the 1950s and is a method to control soil erosion by planting grass. Hydroseeding machines consist of a mixing tank with paddles and a pump to pump the slurry mixture onto a prepared surface. The slurry mixture is usually composed of ingredients such as grass seed, fertilizer, mulch, and water. […]

The Ball Bearing Collar Advantages

Bronze Collars

WPT has been producing mechanical PTOs for over 20 years now. Starting with the automotive style flat-faced clutch that is so popular in the irrigation and chipper market, we eventually entered into the over-center market that spans an array of industrial, agricultural, and marine applications. From the beginning, our over-center designs offered both bronze and […]

PTO Cross Referencing

PTO Nameplate

WPT Power designs and manufactures a complete line of Mechanical Power Take-offs. What you may not know is WPT also offers parts and units that are directly interchangeable with competitive brands. Mechanical Power Take-off clutches are used on a wide variety of heavy machinery across many industries. Clutches are designed with many wearing parts, creating […]

How PTOs Aid Citrus Growers in Freeze Protection

Citrus crop PTO

In the irrigation world, when one thinks of mechanical PTOs, the first thing that comes to mind is moving water to aid in the hydration of plants or the storage and removal of surplus water. However, in the farming of citrus and some fruits, the use of these irrigation systems goes much deeper. Such is […]

New Feature: Hydraulic 14H PTO Mechanical Wear Indicator

PTO Mechanical Wear Indicator

As a company, one of WPT Power’s standout qualities is our willingness to listen to our customer base. By listening to the users of our products, we get valuable feedback to improve and optimize our products. One example of this…

OEM Clutch Pack for Gearboxes

OEM clutch pack for gearbox

In a large majority of the engine driven clutch applications that WPT supplies, most tend to be a ratio of 1:1.  In these applications, the driven piece of equipment turns at the same rate of speed as the engine flywheel.  But occasionally, a…

​WPT Pilotless™ PTOs are Shredding the Competition 

Wood chipper PTO

The basic engine-driven woodchipper setup has not changed much over the years. What has changed, is the amount of power these units produce. To transfer this power to the cutting drum, a belt-drive system is used. And with great power, comes…

PTO Retro-fit Kit

Dredge PTO

If you are the owner of an older dredge from Ellicott or another manufacturer you may have run into this issue. The availability of replacement parts for the Power Take-off (PTO) clutch is getting thin. Luckily…