GM-Style PTOs on LPG engines

Large irrigation systems require heavy duty power plants to help move water into crop fields. Many companies offering these systems utilize General Motors (GM) engines as the power source. WPT Power provides the connecting link between the power source and the water pumping equipment in the form of a GM-style power take-off (PTO).

Our GM-style PTOs are a direct fit to mount behind many GM engines, including the following: 4.3L, 5.7L, 6.2L, 7.4L, and 8.1L. These clutches were specifically designed to be used with no spacers or adapters. Over the last few years WPT has supplied thousands of these to customers with great success.

GM-Style Mechanical Power Take-Offs on GM propane engine irrigation units.
Two GM liquid propane engines equipped with WPT’s GM-syle PTO.

One loyal customer in Mississippi reports to currently have over 200 of WPT’s GM-style PTOs in operation which run large irrigation systems feeding from the Mississippi River Delta. We have seen a spike in demand for these units now that liquid propane engines are the most used platform in the world for irrigation applications. This change is a result of Tier IV emissions standards which have made it difficult for equipment manufacturers to continue using diesel engines. For cost-effective purposes, a lot of these companies are now using GM LPG engines, which means they need a reliable PTO to fit. This is where we come in to help!

WPT Power’s GM-style PTO is a mechanically actuated clutch, available in both in-line and sideload application models. It features a direct-fit bellhousing with IP 21 rating which has been proven to keep most foreign objects and rodents from causing damage inside the unit. Because a lot of automotive gas engines run efficiently at higher speeds than diesel engines, WPT has designed these PTOs to be operated at speeds up to 3400 RPM! Customers have reported reliable, efficient operation of these clutches in a variety of applications which utilize GM engines. We look forward to supporting your irrigation efforts!

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